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Biden's FDR Moment: Support a Civilian Climate Corps

At the height of the Great Depression, FDR launched the Civilian Conservation Corps. Now, it's time for the 21st-century equivalent: a Civilian Climate Corps that's no less ambitious but far more inclusive than its predecessor.

As described in our new policy paper, the Civilian Climate Corps would:

  • Put 1.5 million people to work in their own communities building clean energy infrastructure
  • Provide a living wage, health care, child support stipends, and other benefits to corpsmembers
  • Start people on the path to new careers in the clean energy economy
  • Demonstrate tangibly how government can work for people
  • Improve on FDR's New Deal-era Civilian Conservation Corps by centering equity, justice, and gender and racial inclusivity

Add your name to show your support for a Civilian Climate Corps today. Plus, we'll send you a copy of the report to read for yourself!