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Biden & EPA Must Go Further, Faster!


Climate pollution from the power sector is driving disasters that upend our lives. Toxic air and water pollution from these same facilities is sickening our families, especially in low-income, Black, Indigenous, and Brown communities. Meanwhile, far too many critical EPA standards have been delayed or stalled, and we have less than two years until the end of President Biden's first term. Americans can't wait. I am calling on President Biden and EPA Administrator Regan to move further and faster.

As soon as possible, EPA must:

  • Propose carbon standards for new gas-fired power plants
  • Propose carbon standards for existing coal- and gas-fired power plants
  • Propose the risk and technology review for the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
  • Propose a stronger National Smog Standard
  • Make progress on and announce a timeline for strengthening the Regional Haze Rule
  • Make progress on and announce a timeline for closing loopholes in the Coal Ash Rule, including loopholes for legacy landfills
  • Announce a final rule for closing Title V startup, shutdown, and malfunction loopholes
  • Utilize all tools and resources to stringently enforce the current National Ambient Air Quality Standards for sulfur dioxide