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Tell EPA: Stand up for Communities and Kids With a Stronger Clean Trucks Plan

EPA is close to finalizing its Clean Trucks Plan, but the agency might miss the chance to include life-saving updates unless it feels some pressure from Americans like you.

Heavy-duty trucks emit toxic pollution that poisons our communities—especially Black, Brown, and lower-income communities, who are more likely to live by transportation infrastructure. But EPA is falling short and failing to ambitiously update a rule that could seriously tackle those emissions.

And of course, big industry groups, like the Engine Manufacturers Association and American Trucking Association are working to weaken a rule that needs to get stronger.

But EPA can stand up to industry and fight for communities. The current heavy-duty emissions rule proposed by EPA could finally drive big shifts towards zero-emission vehicles; but as it’s currently written, it’s significantly weaker than the standard already set by California and agreed to by big truck manufacturers.

EPA must adjust its heavy-duty vehicles rule to align with the Advanced Clean Trucks and Fleets rules secured in California, which achieve 100 percent zero-emission trucks by 2036, by setting national standards that set a clear course for 100 percent zero-emission trucks nationally by the end of the 2030s.

Tell EPA: You must clean up heavy-duty truck pollution to protect our communities and our climate.