Evergreen Applauds Schumer For Committing That He ‘Will Not Pass’ Infrastructure Package Without Bold Climate Action

Today, Evergreen Action praised Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for committing last night that he would not pass an infrastructure package without bold climate action. 

During an event Wednesday with the Working Families Party, Schumer said: "Here's what I want to assure people: I will not pass an infrastructure package, that first doesn't reduce carbon pollution at the scale commensurate with the climate crisis. We are gonna have a strong, bold climate bill.”


Schumer’s latest comments come as more than 10 Senators in his caucus have drawn a line in the sand on infrastructure: ‘No Climate, No Deal.’

Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement: 

“Thank you to Majority Leader Schumer for this strong stance that the infrastructure bill must include bold climate action. Senator Schumer is right: If there’s no climate action, there should be no deal on infrastructure.

“The reported $6 trillion infrastructure proposal is consistent with the level of ambition we need to meet this moment, while the latest bipartisan framework is an abject failure for our climate on every front. At a time when we know we must go big on climate, jobs, and justice, the bipartisan proposal’s skeletal investments in both our physical and human infrastructure would stall the economic recovery that the American people elected Democrats to deliver. With Democratic majorities in both chambers and momentum building for bold climate action, we cannot settle for climate denial masquerading as bipartisanship.”