President Biden Should Join With Senate Democratic Leadership, Pursue Full American Jobs Plan Via Reconciliation

Following reporting that bipartisan infrastructure talks between the White House and Senator Shelly Moore Capito have broken down and Senate and budget committee leadership will be pursuing infrastructure legislation through reconciliation, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“It’s time to hit the brakes on the Senate Republicans’ carousel of bad-faith negotiations. Senate Democratic leadership is right: the American people need action now to create millions of jobs in a just and thriving clean energy economy and it’s vital that we move forward quickly on infrastructure legislation that can pass through budget reconciliation. President Biden should follow their lead. After months of bad-faith negotiations and delay tactics from the GOP it’s clear that there will never be 10 votes from the GOP caucus for an infrastructure bill that includes major investments in clean energy jobs, a federal clean electricity standard, and a substantial commitment to environmental justice.

“We know that the Republican vision for infrastructure would increase pollution and break the president’s commitments on environmental justice. Wasting more time on the road to nowhere of bipartisan negotiations will only delay the clean energy economic recovery we need. It’s time to pass the full American Jobs Plan with a simple majority in the Senate.”