It’s time for an all-out national mobilization to defeat the climate crisis.

President Biden and Congress must lead the charge to defeat the climate crisis and build a thriving, just and inclusive clean energy future. Join our work to help make it happen.


It’s time for an all-out national mobilization to defeat the climate crisis.

President Biden and Congress must lead the charge to defeat the climate crisis and build a thriving, just and inclusive clean energy future. Join our work to help make it happen.

No Climate, No Deal: Congressional Tracker and Action Hub

Evergreen Action and Sunrise Movement are tracking Democratic Members of Congress who won’t support the infrastructure deal without securing the investments we need to build a just and thriving clean energy future.

We can’t afford to negotiate away our future. And transformative investments in climate, jobs, and justice are non-negotiable.

The American people elected Democrats to deliver on an ambitious climate agenda—and now 16 members of the Senate Democratic caucus and 18 members of the House have made it clear that they won’t support a deal without securing the investments we need to build a just and thriving clean energy future. The infrastructure bill alone fails that test, and climate champions in Congress should vote it down unless they can ensure passage of the full Build Back Better agenda.

Why Is the Reconciliation Bill Essential for Climate?

The climate crisis isn’t scaling back and neither can we. Communities across the country are reeling from a summer of record breaking hurricanes, heatwaves, and wildfires—there is no more time to waste. In order to meet our pollution reduction targets, create millions of new clean energy jobs, and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, Democrats must pass the reconciliation bill with the full suite of climate investments laid out by Senator Schumer intact. There can be no more cuts to climate. [READ MORE]

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See below for quotes on #NoClimateNoDeal from each Senator, as well as from House members. 

Take Action Now

Join Evergreen Action and the Sunrise Movement now and add your name to tell every Democrat in the Senate and the House: We need lawmakers to invest in bold climate action so we can build a just and thriving clean energy economy.

Other Ways to Take Action

  • Call your Members of Congress: Democrats are poised to pass a reconciliation bill that contains the big investments we need to hit our climate goals—and to create millions of good-paying jobs in an equitable and thriving clean energy economy. Call your members of Congress today to tell them you support transformational climate investments in the reconciliation bill and they should, too.
  • Tweet at your Senator. (Not sure of your Senator's handle? Check Twitter's official list
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Congressional Tracker: No Climate, No Deal

A rolling list of officials who have made it clear they do not support an infrastructure plan that does not meaningfully address the climate crisis. (Last updated: September 21 at 4:30 pm ET)


  • Sen. Ed Markey (MA): "They have a package which is climate denial masquerading as bipartisanship... No climate, no deal.” (6/10)

  • Sen. Tina Smith (MN): “We can’t let climate fall away from the infrastructure negotiations. It’s the cornerstone. Strong climate policy is about jobs, health, fairness, and our competitiveness.” (6/10)

  • Sen. Jeff Merkley (OR): "How can you have an infrastructure bill that doesn't address the biggest threat of our time––climate change? The answer is you can't. The infrastructure bill must be big, bold and GREEN!" (6/10)

  • Sen. Alex Padilla (CA): “Ambitious action on climate change is not negotiable. Our future depends on it.” (6/9)

  • Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI): “We must get Senate Dems unified on climate on a real reconciliation bill, lest we get sucked into “bipartisanship” mud where we fail on climate.” (6/9)

  • Sen. Martin Heinrich (NM): “An infrastructure package that goes light on climate and clean energy should not count on every Democratic vote.” (6/9)

  • Sen. Michael Bennet (CO): “Colorado and New Mexico share a watershed. I agree wholeheartedly with my friend @MartinHeinrich.” (6/9)

  • Sen. Ron Wyden (OR): “To take a complete pass on climate change, in other words, include nothing on climate change is a complete non-starter.” (6/10)

  • Sen. Ben Cardin (MD): “No comprehensive approach to our national infrastructure priorities can be complete without an improved national strategy for addressing the impacts of climate change. This is an especially important in Maryland, where our economy is so closely tied to the #ChesapeakeBay.” (6/11)

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA): “The bipartisan negotiations have so far yielded a framework that’s completely inadequate. I can’t support any infrastructure package that does not include child care, clean energy and requiring the rich and powerful to a pay a fair share to get this done. It has to be one deal, not two deals." (6/15)

  • Sen. Brian Schatz (HI): "When someone comes to me trying to pitch the bipartisan deal, I try to explain to them it’s not the main thing. The main thing is what remains to be done. For me it’s climate ambition. You could spend two trillion but if you don’t take climate action I’m a no.” (6/16)

  • Sen. Chris Van Hollen (MD): "It’s imperative that any deal that makes it through Congress contain bold measures to ensure we achieve the carbon pollution reductions that scientists say are required and which are laid out in President Biden’s plan.” (6/17)

  • Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY): "I will not pass an infrastructure package that... does not reduce carbon pollution at a scale commensurate with the climate crisis." (6/17) 

  • Sen. Richard Blumethal (CT):“By itself, this deal is inadequate. The framework of this deal is regrettably insufficient on climate change and utterly lacking in investment in childcare, homecare, education and skill training, and so much more." (6/24)

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT): "Let me be clear: There will not be a bipartisan infrastructure deal without a reconciliation bill that substantially improves the lives of working families and combats the existential threat of climate change. No reconciliation bill, no deal. We need transformative change NOW." (6/27)

  • Sen. Patty Murray (WA): "The forthcoming infrastructure proposals are our best chance in decades at tackling the climate crisis in a meaningful, systemic way. We can't miss this opportunity to take action." (7/12)


House of Representatives

  • Rep. Ro Khanna: “An infrastructure bill that doesn’t prioritize the climate crisis will not pass the House. Period.” (6/10)

  • Rep. Pramila Jayapal: “No way that I’m supporting an infrastructure package that doesn’t invest in fighting the climate crisis. Who’s with me?” (6/11); AND "Progressives have been clear from the start: Build Back Better and infrastructure go together. Without the Build Back Better plan, millions of people will be left behind as our economy recovers. Oh, and 2 in 3 Americans support it." (9/21)

  • Rep. Jamaal Bowman: "This is literally a matter of life or death. Our plan on climate needs to be built to sustain our planet, not the fossil fuel industry." (6/9)

  • Rep. Nanette Barragán: "The impacts of #ClimateChange are costly & dangerous. California is already feeling these results and they will get much worse if we don’t take bold action. This is why we CANNOT compromise away climate solutions in the infrastructure bill." (6/10)

  • Rep. Jimmy Gomez: "I know @POTUS and the administration are working hard to broker a deal on #infrastructure, but it can’t be at the expense of bold #ClimateAction. Excluding provisions to combat the #ClimateCrisis will only render us less prepared to face this global threat in the future." (6/10)

  • Rep. Mike Quigley: "If we’re going to withstand a 21st century climate and build a 21st century economy, we need bold climate and clean energy investments in infrastructure. New infrastructure should always prioritize good environmental policy. The time is now to invest in our future." (6/10)

  • Rep. Mike Levin: "FACT: A successful infrastructure bill must address the defining issue of our time. The #ClimateCrisis is real and not going anywhere—the future of our planet and our country’s success depends on action NOW." (6/10)

  • Rep. Donald McEachin: "There cannot be a meaningful jobs plan without provisions that fight to address the climate crisis and environmental justice." (6/9)

  • Rep. Sean Casten: "The future of our planet is non-negotiable. If we’re going to withstand a 21st-century climate and build a 21st-century economy, we need bold climate and clean energy investments in infrastructure." (6/10)

  • Rep. Debbie Dingell: "Infrastructure – across all sectors – is the foundation our economy. As we face the climate crisis, we need to build the infrastructure of the future, not the past. Now is the time to go big, to go bold, & to bring meaningful, good-paying union jobs to the American people." (6/11)

  • Rep. Yvette Clarke: "Let's be clear: Any infrastructure proposal — worth our consideration — must prioritize climate. The two are inseparable, full stop. We need bold solutions like the #THRIVEAct that understand climate change is indeed a crisis! Well said @SecretaryPete, #NoClimateNoDeal." (6/11); AND "I cannot in good conscience support this 'bipartisan' infrastructure deal—which seems to lack any meaningful Republican support in the House—without assurances the Build Back Better Act will become law and not watered down by special interests seeking to maintain the status quo." 

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Mitch McConnell and the Koch brothers are not worth setting the planet on fire for. I know some Dems may disagree with me, but that’s my unpopular opinion of the day." (6/9)

  • Rep. Joe Neguse: "An infrastructure package that truly meets the moment HAS to include investments in clean energy and #climateaction.Period." (6/9) 

  • Rep. Cori Bush: "No climate = no deal. I cannot support a plan without significant new renewable energy. The American Jobs Plan must make massive direct investments in public renewable energy with all union jobs." (6/14)

  • Rep. Mondaire Jones: "No Climate = No Deal. Full stop. The future of our planet is at stake." (6/16); AND "We've been clear all along: the Senate's bipartisan infrastructure deal and the Build Back Better bill must move in tandem. I'm looking forward to voting for the Senate deal if, and only if, we also pass a reconciliation bill that meets this moment." (9/21)

  • Rep. Andy Levin: "RT if you’d oppose an infrastructure bill that doesn’t make massive investments in clean energy and sustainable technology." (6/18)

  • Rep. Jared Huffman: "I am prepared to vote NO on the Senate’s 'BIF' unless and until we know that the Build Back Better Act will also become law. This is not just about political leverage, it’s about policy and preserving a livable planet." (9/21)

  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib: "Same here," agreeing with Rep. Huffman (9/21)