We’re leading an all-out national mobilization to defeat the climate crisis.

Join our work today to help us build a thriving and just clean energy future. 


We’re leading an all-out national mobilization to defeat the climate crisis.

Join our work today to help us build a thriving and just clean energy future. 

Why the Senate Absolutely Must Pass the Robust Climate Investments in Build Back Better

“This is a moment here where we can’t give up. We can’t give in... This is our lunch counter moment for the 21st century.”

It’s been a long year fighting for bold climate action. In November, the House passed the Build Back Better Act and now, months later, the bill (and the robust climate investments in it) remain stalled in the Senate.

So we did what anyone would do to raise our spirits and get reenergized for the fight ahead: We had happy hour with a congresswoman and a reverend. Yes, really. 

During Policy + Pints, our executive director Jamal Raad spoke with Representative Pramila Jayapal and Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Jr. about the urgency of the moment we’re in, why the Senate absolutely must pass the robust investments in Build Back Better, and why greater executive action by President Biden is vital to delivering on his climate agenda.

Here are four top moments from Policy + Pints that break down why the Senate must absolutely get these investments to President Biden’s desk by March 1. Better yet, Rep. Jayapal and Rev. Yearwood will leave you feeling reinvigorated for the work ahead.

 “We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity right at this moment.” - Rep. Jayapal 

For our best shot at a liveable future with lower energy bills, healthier communities, and millions of new good-paying clean energy jobs, we need the climate investments in the Build Back Better Act. Those investments are fully paid for and funded for ten years, as Senator Manchin has requested . 

As Rep. Jayapal said during Policy + Pints: We’re not giving up on any of the urgent and necessary components of the Build Back Better Act, but we have “an urgency to pass what we can pass.” And we can pass the transformative climate investments in it now.

These investments “literally mean that those in my community—particularly Black and brown and Indigenous communities—can live.” - Rev. Yearwood

Rev. Yearwood, who is president and CEO of Hip Hop Caucus (and who serves on our advisory board), pointed out that “the fossil fuel industry’s business plan means a death sentence for our community.” It’s been proven time and time again: Communities of color are hit first and worst by the climate crisis––and toxic fossil fuel infrastructure is often built in their backyards. 

On the flip side, that means Build Back Better’s climate investments are also an investment in a more just world. The Senate must deliver and secure a deal before March 1 for frontline communities around the country.  

It will solidify President Biden’s legacy as a climate champion “but more importantly, it will solidify our legacy and our leadership on the world stage." - Rep. Jayapal

This moment is a defining test of leadership for President Biden and for the United States. He ran and won on a deeply popular, bold agenda to fight the climate crisis––and he has a mandate from the American people to deliver. As Rep. Jayapal points out, two things must happen: the Senate must pass the climate investments in Build Back Better and President Biden must immediately lean in to an aggressive executive action strategy to account for the things it does not include. Failure is simply not an option. 

“We have got to remind ourselves that we are on the right side of history.” - Rev. Yearwood

The transformative climate investments included in Build Back Better, paired with robust executive action, are our last, best chance to tackle the climate crisis before it's too late. In one of the most inspiring moments from Policy + Pints, Rev. Yearwood offers advice to those who are feeling a bit weary from the last year: We have to remind ourselves, like those who have fought for progress before us, of what the future has to be. 

“This is a moment here where we can’t give up. We can’t give in. We can’t be despondent. We can’t get cynical. We can’t become jaded. We can’t become bitter… This is our lunch counter moment for the 21st century and we’ve got to have this climate legislation because we know what it means for our country, our planet, and this world.”

Here’s What You Can Do 

Rev. Yearwood is exactly right: We can’t give up. And it’s clear that our senators need to hear from us. We built a tool that makes it easy for you to connect to your Senate office and let them know that they must pass these climate investments immediately. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity—we can’t let it pass us by. Call your senator now.

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