Bad Faith Bipartisan Negotiations Are a Dead End for Biden’s Agenda

In response to reporting on yesterday’s bipartisan meeting on climate legislation, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement: 

“Republicans have made it crystal clear that they won’t back a reconciliation bill with the bold clean energy investments we need to fight inflation, reduce the deficit, avert climate catastrophe, and deliver real energy security to the American people. Another round of dead-end negotiations is just one more stalling tactic meant to gum up the works and block the president’s agenda. President Biden and Majority Leader Schumer must move past this bad faith distraction to craft a deal that can pass the Senate with 50 Democratic votes.

“As Senator Joe Manchin noted last month, there are simply no Republican votes to support the changes to the tax code we need to fully fund this bill. If we are serious about tackling inflation and reducing the deficit, it’s time to get real and get to work with good-faith negotiations to reach a deal that the entire Democratic caucus can support by Memorial Day. The clock is ticking, time to get this bill over the finish line.”