Biden Admin Moves Oil & Gas Rule Forward, But Misses Opportunity On Climate

In response to the proposed oil and gas rule released by the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Evergreen Action Policy Lead Mattea Mrkusic released the following statement:

“Big Oil has benefited from handouts and de facto government subsidies for decades. Look where it’s left the American people: high energy costs, a volatile power market, scarred public lands, and a climate catastrophe. 

“BLM’s draft rule proposes long-overdue fiscal reforms to the federal onshore oil and gas program. These common-sense changes will help hold polluters accountable to cleaning up their messes. Increasing minimum bonding requirements will aid remediation efforts on public lands devastated by Big Oil. The rule also implements changes to royalty rates from the Inflation Reduction Act and steers development away from important wildlife habitats and cultural sites. 

“But fiscal reforms alone won’t solve the problem. Looking ahead, BLM must tackle the climate impacts of our out-of-control federal oil and gas program head–on and support communities most affected by ongoing fossil fuel extraction. In addition to making polluters pay with these fiscal reforms, it’s time for the Biden administration to align our federal fossil fuel program with America’s transition to a clean energy economy. BLM’s request for comment on greenhouse gas considerations is an encouraging first step and we look forward to working with them to fully implement that effort.”