Biden Administration is Leveraging Its Power To Clean Up Our Industrial Sector

In response to the Biden administration’s announcement that state leaders will be partnering on President Biden’s Federal Buy Clean Initiative, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“The U.S. government is the world’s largest purchaser of goods, services, and industrial materials—it’s about time we leveraged that buying power for the benefit of the people and the planet. The announcement of the new commitments and partnerships within the Federal Buy Clean Initiative today is a prime example of how the administration must continue to wield its power in a whole-of-government approach in combating the climate crisis. Centered within this plan are updates to federal funding support, commitments from the private sector to increase clean industrial products, and a shift toward cleaner public works projects within cities. These actions, together, will boost clean manufacturing competitiveness and strengthen America’s position as a leader in the global clean economy. 

“Evergreen called on the administration to encourage state and local governments to join the Buy Clean Initiative because states and cities wield enormous buying power that can multiply the impact of this important program. We are thrilled to see the White House taking steps to make that happen. By fostering a thriving environment for clean industrialization, the Biden administration is making climate pollution reduction the savvy and advantageous move for business, state, and local leaders alike. We look forward to the impact that these partnerships and commitments will deliver as we work towards climate action, jobs, and justice for all.”

In both The Evergreen Action Plan, as well as in a policy report earlier this year, 6 Ways President Biden Can Use Executive Action to Take on the Climate Crisis, Evergreen called for a Federal Buy Clean program to direct federal procurement of low-carbon materials, and specifically called on the administration to encourage state and local governments to join the effort. You can read our full suite of recommendations for reducing pollution in the industrial sector in our recent 6 Ways paper here, and in The Evergreen Action Plan here.