Colonial Pipeline Situation Shows Why We Can’t Let Corporate Polluters Own Our Energy Future

Following reporting that the fossil fuel lobby has responded to the Colonial Pipeline hack by trying to block cybersecurity requirements for America’s energy infrastructure, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“Fossil fuel corporations have once again proven that they will always put their bottom line first, even in a crisis. In the immediate wake of a cyberattack that has resulted in shortages and uncertainty for consumers across the Southeast, the fossil fuel lobby has responded by working to block basic, commonsense cybersecurity mandates for the industry. 

“The industry’s response to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown is just the latest in a long string of reminders of why we cannot allow corporate polluters to set the agenda for our energy future. Earlier this year, when an avoidable winter blackout caused by failing fossil fuel infrastructure resulted in dozens of deaths and millions of Texans losing power, the oil and gas industry and their cronies in Washington tried to deflect blame by spreading lies and misinformation. The pattern is clear: fossil fuel corporations can’t be relied on to deliver the resilient and reliable energy infrastructure we need.

“We don’t have to remain captive to the poisonous whims of the fossil fuel industry. With the American Jobs Plan, Congress has an opportunity to build a clean energy economy, complete with electric vehicles and a vast network of charging stations, and put millions of people to work in good union jobs. By making investments now to upgrade America’s outdated infrastructure and transition away from fossil fuels, President Biden and Congress can fulfill their mandate to build back better and realize a more just, equitable and resilient economy run on 100% clean energy.”