Democrats Need To Stop Negotiating Against Themselves And Move Forward With The Full AJP

Following reporting that President Biden offered to dramatically shrink the size of his infrastructure plan in order to gain GOP support, Evergreen Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“President Biden demonstrated he was serious about living up to his promises to the American people when he released a bold infrastructure plan to invest in climate, jobs and justice. Reversing course now and allowing bad-faith GOP negotiations to push him to a plan with a fraction of that ambition would be a disaster for our climate. Any infrastructure plan should include three core climate components: a clean electricity standard, major investments in clean energy infrastructure and jobs and a substantial commitment to environmental justice. It’s nearly impossible to imagine that a $1 trillion plan with GOP support could possibly include these necessary investments, while also funding other infrastructure needs. The GOP has been stringing the American people along for weeks without offering a single serious plan. It’s clear that their only intention is to run out the clock on Biden’s popular agenda and stand in the way of the clean energy economic recovery we need.

“We know from their own skeletal infrastructure proposals that any infrastructure deal with Republicans will increase carbon pollution, break the president’s campaign promises to prioritize environmental justice, and put America on a path to fail to meet our international climate commitments. It’s time to stop wasting time and move forward quickly to pass the full American Jobs Plan.”