Eight Power Companies Break with EEI, File Supportive Comments on Power Sector Carbon Standards

This week, the Energy Strategy Coalition (ESC), which represents Austin Energy, Calpine Corporation, Constellation Energy Corporation, National Grid USA, New York Power Authority, NextEra Energy, Inc., Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Sacramento Municipal Utility District, filed comments in support of EPA’s proposed power sector carbon standards. ESC’s members include several of America's largest utilities and in total provide electricity to more than 55 million people across the country.

These comments come on the heels of the industry’s largest trade group, Edison Electric Institute (EEI) filing a public comment attacking EPA’s proposal in an effort to eliminate carbon pollution limits for existing gas plants.

Evergreen Action Vice President of Policy Craig Segall released the following statement in response to ESC’s comment letter:

“This is what it looks like for utilities to start walking the walk on their decarbonization commitments. While some of their peers hide behind the skirts of the industry’s biggest lobbying group, ESC members are demonstrating that it’s possible to engage constructively to design common-sense pollution reduction rules that will work for companies, customers, and the climate. Now, we are seeing strong momentum from major utilities in support of EPA’s carbon standard proposal. This is a moment of truth for the power sector to take action on its promises of decarbonization.” 

Last week, Evergreen Action called on utilities to publicly oppose EEI’s efforts to undermine EPA’s proposed carbon standards in a letter signed by 29 leading climate advocacy groups. 

Evergreen also partnered with Data for Progress to release new polling that found that a clear majority of voters support EPA’s proposed carbon standards, want their utility to prioritize clean energy, and think that their utility should support EPA's pollution rules.

Polling resutls: A majority of voters think their local utility company should support EPA pollution rules