Evergreen Action Praises Biden’s Commitment To Protect $150B in Clean Energy Funding

Evergreen Action applauded President Biden tonight for his commitment during a CNN Town Hall to protect full funding for clean energy in the Build Back Better act. Biden said that the $150 billion originally intended for the Clean Electricity Payment Program (CEPP) would be reinvested in other clean energy programs if CEPP is not in the final package.

“Tonight, President Biden committed to protecting funding in the Build Back Better plan for clean energy programs that reduce greenhouse gas pollution,” said Evergreen Executive Director Jamal Raad. “That’s incredible. President Biden knows that we must retain robust investment in clean energy - and there is wide consensus across the Democratic coalition in support of these investments. If $150 billion does not go to CEPP, it should remain invested in clean energy programs designed to hit our clean electricity goals, just as President Biden committed tonight. By maintaining full funding, President Biden will have a fighting chance of meeting his greenhouse gas pollution reduction goals by 2030, his 100% clean electricity commitment by 2035, all while creating millions of clean energy jobs. Tonight’s commitment sends a clear message to Congress that we cannot slash clean energy funding and still meet the targets that science demands to defeat climate change.”