Evergreen Action Statement on EPW Clean Trains Hearing

In anticipation of the Senate Environmental and Public Works hearing on “Cleaner Trains: Opportunities for Reducing Emissions from America’s Rail Network,” Evergreen Action Vice President for Policy Craig Segall released the following statement:

“America’s rail barons have been making billions in profits while their decades-old engines spew pollution into Black and Brown communities. These corporations are in bed with the fossil fuel industry as they ship oil and coal around the country, and are even suing to block California’s new rules which would finally start to limit pollution from ancient train engines and encourage zero-emission technology. As auto and truck companies commit to a zero-emission future, freight rail just keeps poisoning our air.

“Enough is enough. Rail companies should drop their litigation and invest in the future. EPA should, this fall, finalize rules clarifying that state clean-up rules are appropriate, and move forward with the modern federal standards that communities have been demanding for years. To further support this transition, Inflation Reduction Act funds and federal loan guarantees should be directed to help electrify the rail system, fast. Evergreen Action will work to keep us on track to clean up these dirty locomotives.”