Evergreen Action & Sunrise Movement Launch NoClimateNoDeal.com

Today, Evergreen Action and Sunrise Movement launched NoClimateNoDeal.com, a new website and organizing hub to track Democratic Members of Congress’ opposition to any infrastructure bill that fails to include robust investment in clean energy, environmental justice and climate solutions.

Evergreen Executive Director Jamal Raad and Sunrise Movement Executive Director Varshini Prakash issued the following statement:

 “We can’t afford to negotiate away our future. Transformative investments in climate, jobs, and justice are non-negotiable for any infrastructure package to pass the U.S. Senate.  

“The American people elected Democrats to deliver on an ambitious climate agenda—and now more than half a dozen members of the Senate Democratic caucus have made it clear that they won’t support a deal that strips away the investments we need to build a just and thriving clean energy future. The latest paper-thin bipartisan offer fails that test, and should be a non-starter in both Democratic-led chambers of Congress. It’s time to move on from bad-faith negotiations with the GOP and move forward with an infrastructure bill that meets the moment.”

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