Evergreen Applauds Nomination of Saule Omarova as Comptroller of the Currency

Following reports that President Biden will nominate Saule Omarova to serve as Comptroller of the Currency, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“The Comptroller of the Currency has an essential role to play in preventing a climate-fueled economic disaster from taking down our entire financial system. With the nomination of Saule Omarova, President Biden has chosen someone who isn’t afraid to take on Wall Street and has supported bold, federal clean energy investments on climate. Her role overseeing the nation’s banks will be critical towards Secretary Yellen’s mission to safeguard our economy from climate risk. We encourage the Senate to confirm Omorova as soon as possible so she can get to work protecting our financial system."

In August of 2020, Saule Omarova authored a report for Data for Progress, ‘The Climate Case for a National Investment Authority’ outlining a path for robust federal investments in a clean energy economy.  Last year, Evergreen also laid out five concrete action steps for the Treasury Department to lead the national mobilization against the climate crisis as part of its ‘Five To Mobilize’ project. In ‘Preventing a Climate Crash’, Evergreen also called on the next administration to appoint a leader to Comptroller of the Currency ready to fully address climate risk and act to remove it from the financial system.