Evergreen Applauds President Biden for Using Emergency Powers to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Solar Tariff Pause & Invoking The Defense Production Act Are The Right Moves to Save American Solar Jobs & Deliver on President Biden’s Clean Energy Commitments

In response to reports that President Biden will announce a two year pause on tariffs for certain solar cells and invoke the Defense Production Act to boost American clean energy manufacturing, Evergreen Action Co-Founder and Senior Advisor Sam Ricketts released the following statement:

“President Biden’s decision to invoke the Defense Production Act to kickstart American clean energy production will pay dividends in lower energy costs, greater energy security, and a clearer pathway to meeting our nation’s climate goals. America should be leading the world in clean energy manufacturing, and this directive brings us one step closer to the thriving domestic clean energy economy we need to defeat the climate crisis and outperform our competitors abroad. We know that clean energy is the key to both defeating the climate crisis and securing affordable, reliable energy for every household—today, President Biden delivered for Americans on both fronts.

“Additionally, Biden’s order to pause tariffs on solar imports will give businesses the clarity and stability they need to get America’s solar industry back on track and lower energy costs for working families. In just the time since the Commerce Department’s probe began in April, hundreds of solar projects have been delayed and 100,000 American jobs have been put at risk. At a time when we need to be rapidly deploying clean energy across the country, we can’t afford to plunge the businesses delivering one of the leading renewable technologies into chaos. This pause is a smart and necessary course correction that will allow America’s solar industry to continue creating jobs, reducing carbon pollution, and delivering cheap clean energy to the grid.”

Earlier this year, Evergreen Action called on the Biden Administration to seize on the authorities provided by the Defense Production Act to help secure American leadership in the global clean energy market as part of the policy report, 6 Ways President Biden Can Use Executive Action to Take on the Climate Crisis. Evergreen has also called for swift resolution of the uncertainty plaguing U.S. solar industries caused by the Department of Commerce’s investigation. For more information, read Evergreen’s memo on the case here.