Evergreen Applauds Senator Heinrich for Introduction of Zero-Emissions Homes Act

Following the announcement of the Zero-Emissions Homes Act of 2021 from Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NV), Evergreen Action co-founder Sam Ricketts released the following statement: 

“The Zero-Emissions Home Act announced today by Senator Heinrich (NM) makes an essential investment in our nation’s clean building infrastructure. Clean buildings that are carbon-free, affordable, and climate-ready are essential infrastructure and are a matter of survival for millions of Americans. In the last few weeks alone, climate-induced heat storms have killed nearly 800 Americans and strained our power infrastructure. Evergreen applauds Senator Heinrich's leadership toward electrifying America's future, with homes and buildings that are carbon-free, affordable to heat and cool, and resilient to future climate disasters."

Earlier this year, Evergreen and the Roosevelt Institute released Economic Recovery Begins At Home, a policy roadmap to achieve President Biden’s commitment to retrofit and electrify millions of homes and buildings while lowering costs for homeowners, improving public health, powering the clean energy transition, and reducing America’s greenhouse gas pollution.