BIF and Reconciliation Must Move Together

Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement in response to current negotiations on Capitol Hill:

“The infrastructure package is not a climate bill. It makes no meaningful reductions in carbon pollution. Passing the infrastructure bill alone would be a historic failure by this Congress, and Congressional leadership cannot allow that to happen.

“President Biden and Congressional leadership must do everything in their power in the next 24 hours to secure an iron-clad agreement and plan to pass the Build Back Better bill with bold climate provisions that meet the scale and scope of the crisis. If not, House progressives and climate champions must stand strong and vote down the infrastructure package until both bills are ready to advance together. House leadership must stand up for President Biden’s clean energy plans and ensure that the Build Back Better bill moves forward. Senators who are standing in the way are endangering the entire Democratic agenda, and preventing passage of popular legislation that the American people voted for, and deserve.

“We stand on the verge of passing the most consequential climate legislation in American history. We cannot miss this crucial moment to act on the existential crisis of our time and build a new economy with millions of good union jobs run on clean energy.”