Evergreen Releases New Analysis: GOP Plan Fails To Invest In Critical Climate Infrastructure

Following the latest round of infrastructure negotiations between GOP senators and the White House, Evergreen Action released a new analysis directly comparing the American Jobs Plan to the Senate GOP’s infrastructure proposal. Evergreen Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“The choice is clear: the American Jobs Plan has bold investments on climate, jobs, and justice; the GOP infrastructure plan is chump change. President Biden was elected on a clear platform to deliver environmental justice and 100% clean energy, and create millions of good-paying jobs in a new clean energy economy. And the administration promised the world that we would honor our ambitious commitments on climate change. The GOP infrastructure plan fails to accomplish every single part of President Biden’s mandate on climate, jobs, and justice. Those failures alone demonstrate that the Republicans in Congress not serious about cooperation. The American people are waiting on the White House and Congress to come together, do the right thing, and deliver the full American Jobs Plan.” 

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