Evergreen Statement on Biden Climate Comments

In a news conference today, President Biden said, “It’s clear to me that we’re probably going to have to break it [Build Back Better] up. I think that we can get, and I’ve been talking to a number of my colleagues on The Hill—it’s clear that we would be able to get support for the $500+ billion for energy and the environmental issues that are there.”

In response to President Biden’s remarks, Evergreen Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“President Biden is right: There is clear momentum in Congress on the Build Back Better Act’s climate provisions. When Sen. Manchin voiced his support for these provisions last week; it underscored the support that exists for these investments throughout the Senate Democratic caucus. Now, it’s time to act. 

“President Biden understands the urgency of this moment, and it’s clear that this is an opportunity that cannot be wasted. Biden promised a bold climate agenda for his presidency, and he can begin to deliver on that with the passage of the Build Back Better Act’s climate provisions—which are already priced out through the ten year window. Climate must be the top priority for action. It’s time for Biden to work with Congress to pass the $555 billion in climate investments; his legacy depends on seeing this over the finish line. It’s time to get this done, these investments are our last best chance to face this crisis head on.”