Evergreen Statement on House GOP Farm Bill

In response to the release of the House Republican farm bill text, Evergreen Action Senior Energy Transition Policy Lead Mattea Mrkusic released the following statement:

“Farmers and ranchers are taking action to protect their lands, and America’s food supply, from the threat of climate fueled disasters like increased flooding and drought—but House Republicans want to make it more difficult for them to do so. The GOP’s draft farm bill removes vital climate “guardrails” to conservation programs that are already improving water and soil quality, boosting rural economies, and fighting climate change across the country. It’s bad policy, and even worse politics. Democrats have made it clear for months that they won’t support any bill that eliminates the climate guardrails.This bill doesn’t stand a chance in the Senate. It’s time for House Republicans to get real and work with Democrats to draft a farm bill that maintains this popular and necessary funding.”