Evergreen Statement on Permitting Reform Proposal

In response to reporting on Senator Joe Manchin’s permitting reform proposal, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“Evergreen Action will forcefully oppose any legislation that would gut America’s bedrock environmental laws, cut communities out of the environmental review process, or force through new fossil fuel infrastructure which would increase pollution in frontline communities and undermine our progress towards President Biden’s climate goals. And every Congressional Democrat that is committed to a pollution-free future for all should do the same.

“Climate champions in Congress don’t owe Joe Manchin their votes on this backroom scheme. After being strung along for nearly two years of reconciliation negotiations, there’s no reason they should accept a proposal that sells out the communities—largely Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities—that are already facing disproportionate levels of deadly fossil fuel pollution and dangerous climate impacts. There is simply no excuse for Democrats who care about the climate to support a toxic giveaway that amounts to little more than a fossil fuel wishlist. It’s an easy call: vote this down.”