Failure To Pass The Build Back Better Act Would Be A Catastrophic Failure On Climate

President Biden and Majority Leader Schumer Must Keep Their Word And Deliver For The American People

In response to President Biden’s recent statement on the Build Back Better Act, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:  

“Yet again, Congress appears poised to kick the can down the road on climate action. The Build Back Better Act is essential to fulfilling President Biden’s commitments on climate. Failing to pass the Build Back Better Act would be a catastrophic failure on climate for this Congress and this administration. 

“After months of delay and negotiation, the American people need to see that Democrats can deliver on the popular, bold agenda that they ran and won on. In the middle of a record December heat wave and destructive storms, Congress should get its act together and pass the most transformative climate bill in American history. The legacy of this Congress and of the Biden Administration is at stake.”