Governor Walz Raises the Bar With New 100% Clean Energy Standard

Evergreen & DFP Polling Showed 57% of Minnesotans Supported The State Legislature Taking Action On 100% Clean Energy Bill—Now It’s Law 

In response to Governor Tim Walz signing of the Minnesota 100% clean energy standard by 2040, Evergreen Action State Program Director Justin Balik released the following statement:

“By signing one of the country’s most ambitious 100% clean energy standards into law, Governor Walz is securing Minnesota’s position as a national clean energy leader. The standard signed today will help lower utility costs, create new good-paying jobs, and eliminate harmful pollution from fossil fuel power plants. With today’s signing, Minnesota is setting an example of how states can leverage the IRA’s federal clean energy investments to level up their own climate ambition and build a thriving clean energy economy. We are so excited to continue the work and make the clean energy transition a reality nationwide.”

Last week, prior to the 100% clean energy bill’s passage in the state legislature, Evergreen released new polling in collaboration with Data for Progress that showed 57% of Minnesotans supported legislators taking action to pass its proposed 100% clean energy bill, and just 40% opposed it. The poll also showed that 55% of voters believe that Minnesota should get more energy from carbon-free, clean sources, with just 16% supporting less clean energy.

 Some key findings from Evergreen Action and Data for Progress are below, with poll results available online here

This new polling is a part of a multi-state effort to support and advance state progress on clean energy, following federal passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The new law includes a historic $370 billion in clean energy investments that will slash emissions and make progress toward America’s greenhouse gas pollution reduction goals. State leadership—and effective, equitable state implementation of the IRA and the bipartisan federal infrastructure law—will be critical to fully reach America’s pollution reduction targets, and to build a thriving and just economy run on clean energy.