In Latest Counteroffer, Republicans Remain Unserious About Passing a Bold and Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan

After Senate Republicans put forward a counteroffer in another round of infrastructure negotiations, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement: 

“Once again, Senate Republicans have put forward a plan that fails to deliver the clean energy recovery the American people need. Just days away from President Biden’s Memorial Day deadline, Senate Republicans have run down the clock with another unserious proposal that completely ignores the necessity of bold and equitable climate action. The GOP counteroffer doesn’t just exclude investments in clean energy and environmental justice—it would increase pollution, double down on fossil fuel handouts, and rip out core investments in decarbonizing our transportation and building infrastructure. The GOP plan would mean that President Biden would fail to deliver on his promises to prioritize environmental justice and restore American leadership in the global fight against the climate crisis.

“The Biden Administration must recognize the Republican proposal as proof of their bad faith negotiations, and move forward with the full American Jobs Plan with clean energy and climate investments to meet the urgency of the moment. An infrastructure plan that doesn’t invest in clean energy is unacceptable. The President’s American Jobs Plan would put us on a pathway toward building a clean energy future, deliver on his environmental justice commitments, and create millions of good union jobs.”