IRAirl: IRA Incentives Are Catalyzing A Surge In Community & Rooftop Solar Across the Country

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This is Evergreen’s IRAirl, where we highlight how the climate investments within the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are benefiting communities across America—in real life (irl).

Critical Impact:


IRA Incentives Are Catalyzing A Surge In Community & Rooftop Solar Across the Country

For months now, IRA investments have given a major lift to America’s solar manufacturing industry. Now, consumers across the country, from homeowners to feed mill operators are getting in on the IRA’s benefits for solar projects in their own backyards. Recent reports in Maryland, Illinois, Texas, and New York have highlighted how the IRA incentives for solar are already saving money and are poised to spur an explosion in community and rooftop solar across America. IRA solar incentives are saving electricity costs for a feed mill in Griggsville, Illinois, enabling the City of Houston to offer a new Texas Solar Switch Houston group-buying program that allows residents to install rooftop solar at discounted prices, kicking the solar industry into overdrive in Maryland, and expanding cost-accessibility for homeowners to electrify in New York. 


Our take on the latest developments in the IRA’s real-world impact:


“From feed mills in Illinois to neighborhood homes in Texas, IRA’s investments are powering the take-off of a small-scale solar boom,” said Evergreen Action Deputy Press Secretary Elizabeth Cavalieri. “Communities in Maryland, Illinois, Texas, and New York are just some of the most recent to reap the benefits of solar savings from projects that wouldn’t exist without the IRA. Americans clearly understand that clean energy delivers a more reliable and cost-effective energy solution compared to volatile fossil fuels, and they are opting in en masse.”



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