IRAirl: The IRA Turns 1!

This is Evergreen’s IRAirl, where we highlight how the climate investments within the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are benefiting communities across America—in real life (irl).

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The 411:

The IRA is the largest investment in climate and clean energy in American history. And since its passage one year ago, it’s been fostering a thriving clean energy economy around the country. From incentives driving an American “manufacturing renaissance,” to the creation of over 170,000 new jobs already, it’s clear the IRA isn’t slowing its roll. On top of that, booms in industries like solar and electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing have opened the door for the U.S. to become a leader in the global clean transition, galvanizing both domestic and foreign private investment that’s boosting the U.S. economy. These impacts are felt from the top, down. Americans from the Midwest to the Southeast and beyond are benefiting from lower costs, better jobs, and healthier communities. And a record amount of those investments going to those from historically disadvantaged communities, thanks to the Biden administration’s Justice40 Initiative. At the time of its passage, the IRA carried the weight of great expectations. A mere 365 days into its implementation, the IRA is soaring past those expectations and making our clean energy future a reality—with so much more to come.

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