MORE MOMENTUM FOR ‘NO CLIMATE, NO DEAL’: Senators Schatz and Van Hollen Join Call to Insist on Climate in Infrastructure Deal

Last night, Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) became the latest members of Congress to join the growing opposition to any infrastructure bill which excludes bold climate action. 

Senator Schatz said that his main priority is “climate ambition” rather than bipartisanship, stressing that Congress “could spend two trillion but if you don’t take climate, I’m a no.”  

Senator Van Hollen expressed that infrastructure offers “a once-in-a generation chance to take action on the climate emergency” and the need for “any deal that makes it through Congress [to] contain bold measures” that would reach President Biden’s climate commitments.

Evergreen Action Campaigns Director Lena Moffitt released the following statement on the latest announcements from Schatz and Van Hollen:

“Thank you Senator Brian Schatz and Senator Chris Van Hollen for standing firm on the agenda that got the Senate Majority elected: climate, jobs and justice. As more Senators continue to join our movement, it becomes increasingly clear that any infrastructure package which excludes climate simply will not have the votes. Senators Schatz and Van Hollen understand that we need the full American Jobs Plan to deliver the just, thriving clean energy economy Americans deserve. The bad-faith bipartisan proposals advanced by the GOP all fall short on every single climate and environmental justice commitment made by President Biden. It’s time for the entire Democratic caucus to stand together on climate, jobs, and justice and use their majorities to pass the full American Jobs Plan.” 

The ‘No Climate, No Deal’ movement is growing. As bad-faith bipartisan negotiations threaten to put our futures in the backseat, more and more Senators are rising up to oppose any infrastructure bills that exclude robust investments in clean energy, environmental justice, and climate solutions. To date, 12 Senators and 14 members of the House have drawn a red line in the ongoing infrastructure negotiations: No Climate, No Deal.

Earlier this week, Evergreen Action and Sunrise Movement launched to track Members of Congress as they join the chorus of voices taking a stand for climate action. Since then, over two dozen members have stepped up to meet the moment. 

Here’s the latest count of U.S. Senators taking a stand:

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