NEW AD: Climate Investments In Build Back Better Are A Defining Moment For Biden’s Legacy

The Climate Investments In BBBA Are President Biden’s Most Important Opportunity To Deliver On Climate, And Failure Is Not An Option

Today, Evergreen Action launched new digital ads that highlight how the historic climate investments in the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) are a test of President Joe Biden’s leadership and a defining moment for his legacy. The ads are part of a six figure buy targeting the Washington, DC area.

The climate investments contained in BBBA have momentum. They are already fully funded for ten years, as Senator Joe Manchin has requested for other portions of the bill, and Senator Manchin himself stated last week that he thinks the Senate is close to an agreement on the bill’s climate provisions.

“The climate crisis is the defining challenge of our era, and it will be the defining issue of Joe Biden’s legacy,” said Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad. “The climate investments in the Build Back Better Act are his best chance to deliver and they have support throughout the Senate Democratic caucus—progressives and conservatives alike. It’s up to the president to strike a deal that includes these transformational climate and clean energy investments that can get 50 votes in the Senate. If he fails, his legacy will be tarnished by climate failure for generations to come."


President Biden's Legacy Will Be Defined By Climate Change


President Biden’s legacy will be defined by climate change

And failure is not an option

The climate investments in the Build Back Better Act are ready

It’s time for President Biden to deliver