NEW AD: Democrats Have Promised Climate Action, Biden and Schumer Must Deliver

Today, Evergreen Action launched a new six figure digital ad campaign to highlight the need to pass the historic climate investments in the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) without delay. These investments are vital to delivering on the bold climate action that President Biden and Congressional Democrats ran and won on. The “Democrats Have A Choice” campaign will be running in both Washington D.C., and in Brooklyn, NY.

“It would be a catastrophic failure not to pass the climate investments in the Build Back Better Act. President Biden and Majority Leader Schumer must prove to the American people that they can deliver on the big issues they were elected to address,” said Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad. “Over a decade ago, we watched federal climate legislation stall out in Congress. Today, we are feeling the impacts of the climate crisis more intensely than ever before. Our time to act is running out. Democratic leadership in Congress cannot afford to miss this moment. Majority Leader Schumer must put this at the top of the Senate’s agenda and reach an agreement to pass the climate investments in BBBA by March 1. This is his moment to usher his party forward on a climate deal that we so desperately need. Failure simply isn’t an option here; our future depends on it.”


Democrats Have A Choice


Democrats spent the last year talking about climate action.

Biden: “We can’t wait to deal with the climate crisis.”

Schumer: “We must attack the cancer of climate change.”

Pelosi: “We intend to pass the bill.”

Now, they have a choice…

Allow climate change to wreak havoc on our communities, and our economy… 

Or forge a new path.

President Biden and Democrats in Congress hold our last, best chance to take on the climate crisis by passing transformational investments.

Our time is up. We won’t get another chance.

They must deliver.