New Biden Executive Order Means Federal Agencies Will Drive Clean Energy Transition

In response President Biden’s new Executive Order on federal sustainability, Evergreen Action Co-Director Sam Ricketts released the following statement: 

“President Biden committed to an all-of-government mobilization to defeat the climate crisis, and today’s Executive Order is an essential step to follow through on that promise.

“As the largest energy consumer in the country, the federal government is uniquely positioned to catalyze our transition to a clean energy economy. The commitments outlined in today’s Order will not only empower federal agencies to lead by example, but will also generate powerful downstream effects for the entire country. Investments in zero emission buildings, an electric vehicle fleet, and 24/7 100% clean electricity for all federal operations will help make these technologies more accessible across the board—and accelerate America’s transition to an equitable and thriving clean energy future.”

Earlier this year, Evergreen Action detailed concrete action steps for 23 agencies across the federal government to take action to defeat climate change in the Five to Mobilize series. The recommendations for the Government Services Administration and the Office of Management and Budget outlined plans to leverage federal purchasing power to drive the clean energy transition including electrifying the federal fleet, deploying clean technology in federal buildings, and a multi-agency “Buy Clean” initiative drive climate pollution reductions in buildings, infrastructure, and supply chains.