NEW POLL: A Majority of Voters Support EPA’s Proposed Carbon Standards

Polling Released Just Before Key Deadline for EPA’s Proposed Power Sector Pollution Rules

On the eve of the closure of EPA’s public comment period for its proposed carbon standards for new and existing power plants, Evergreen Action and Data for Progress (DFP) are releasing new polling highlighting that a majority of voters support the EPA’s proposed pollution rules and think that their local utility company should also support them. 

This polling comes just as EPA’s carbon standards face attacks this week from the utility industry’s biggest lobbying group, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). Evergreen recently led a group of 29 climate advocacy groups in calling on EEI’s member utilities to publicly reject their lobbying organization’s reported extreme opposition to EPA’s proposed carbon standards. Notably, the Evergreen and DFP polling released today indicates that 76 percent of likely American voters disapprove of efforts by utilities to use customer funds for things like lobbying.

The polling also affirms majority support by likely voters for EPA’s carbon standards in the face of fossil-fueled attacks and underscores the bipartisan support for cleaner energy and stronger rules that ramp down power sector climate pollution.

Key findings from Evergreen Action and Data for Progress are below, with full polling results available online here

Key findings:

  • A clear majority (65 percent) of likely voters support the EPA’s proposed pollution rules.
    • A majority (59 percent) of voters want their utility companies to prioritize clean energy like wind and solar.
    • A majority of voters (54 percent) think that their utility company should support the EPA pollution rules on coal- and gas-fired power plants. 
  • A bipartisan majority of voters (76 percent) disapprove of the utility company’s practice of using revenue from customers’ monthly bills to fund activities such as lobbying, advertising, and trade association membership dues
    • This finding is consistent across partisanship, with disapproval from strong majorities of Democrats (74 percent), Independents (78 percent), and Republicans (76 percent).

“The clear majority of American voters support EPA’s proposal to take on power sector climate pollution,” said Evergreen Action Executive Director Lena Moffitt. “Extreme weather is touching every corner of the country—we simply cannot afford any more foot-dragging on common-sense solutions to this crisis. The American people want action, and utilities have a choice to make. They can stand on the wrong side of history and obstruct one of our best chances at defeating climate change, or they can engage constructively with EPA to help ensure a livable future for all.”

“Fossil fuel lobbyists represent the interests of major polluters — not the majority of American voters,” said Danielle Deiseroth, Executive Director of Data for Progress. “Our survey results find that Americans support the EPA’s rules to limit pollution and want their utility companies to prioritize clean energy over fossil fuels. Voters recognize that the clean energy future is here to stay and don’t want their utility companies to oppose crucial climate and public health protections.”

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This Poll:

From July 29 to 31, 2023, Data for Progress conducted a survey of 1,216 likely voters nationally using web panel respondents. The sample was weighted to be representative of likely voters by age, gender, education, race, geography, and voting history. The survey was conducted in English. The margin of error is ±3 percentage points.