NO CLIMATE, NO DEAL: Build Back Better Act & Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Must Move Together

House Progressives Must Hold The Line For President Biden’s Agenda

In response to reporting on upcoming votes on the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) and the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Evergreen Action Co-Director Sam Ricketts released the following statement:

“The deal hasn’t changed: The Build Back Better Act and the bipartisan infrastructure bill must advance together. Speaker Nancy Pelosi should delay the vote on the infrastructure bill until the House has first passed BBBA. If not, climate champions in Congress must be prepared to vote it down.

“The bipartisan infrastructure bill on its own fails on climate. That’s why it must only advance alongside the historic investments in the Build Back Better Act that will create millions of jobs in the clean energy economy, advance environmental justice, and meaningfully confront the climate crisis. We cannot afford to fumble the opportunity to make a transformational investment in America’s future: the bills must move together.”