NO CLIMATE, NO DEAL: House Democrats Must Commit To Advancing Reconciliation Bill With Bold Climate Investments Before Vote On Bipartisan Deal

Following the House vote to pass the budget resolution unlocking reconciliation, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“We applaud Speaker Pelosi’s leadership to ensure we reach today’s important milestone on the path to a historic investment in climate, jobs, and justice that will lift communities across the country—but the work here is not yet done. House and Senate leadership must bring the reconciliation bill to a vote before they advance the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“Climate champions in the Senate and House have been clear throughout this process: no climate, no deal. We must pass a reconciliation bill with bold climate action first in order to pass the bipartisan deal. As committee members finalize the legislative text in the coming weeks, they must ensure that the reconciliation bill retains and expands the bold investments we need to defeat the climate crisis, and advance the legislation before the House votes on the bipartisan bill.”

Earlier this summer 16 Senators and 15 House members spoke out for bold climate action and made it clear that they would not support an infrastructure deal without transformative investments in climate, jobs, and justice.