No Climate, No Deal: House Leadership Should Delay Rushed Infrastructure Vote And Pass Full Build Back Better Agenda

Ahead of tomorrow’s scheduled House vote on the infrastructure bill, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“House leadership must delay tomorrow’s infrastructure vote until they have an iron-clad agreement and plan to pass the Build Back Better agenda through reconciliation. The infrastructure bill is not a climate bill. To fulfill their commitments to the American people to build a new economy run on clean energy, Democrats must pass the full Build Back Better agenda. Climate leaders in Congress have been clear from the beginning: No Climate, No Deal. We stand with President Biden and his Build Back Better agenda, and we can’t afford to leave climate action behind.

“The infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better Act must move together. We have a historic opportunity to make transformational job-creating investments in climate action, child care, paid leave, housing, and health care. House leadership shouldn’t put that at risk by rushing to pass a bill that fails to deliver on the agenda that the American people elected Democrats to enact.”

In June, Evergreen Action and Sunrise Movement launched to track Members of Congress speaking out in opposition to an infrastructure package that excluded robust investments in clean energy, environmental justice, and climate solutions. To date, 16 members of the Senate Democratic caucus and 18 members of the House have taken a stand.