'NO CLIMATE, NO DEAL' UPDATE: Elizabeth Warren Takes a Stand on Climate Infrastructure

Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) confirmed that she “can’t support” an infrastructure package that does not include clean energy. Warren’s statement also condemned the two-track negotiation process, making it clear that Democrats must secure “one deal, not two deals.” 

Yesterday, Evergreen Action and Sunrise Movement launched NoClimateNoDeal.com to track Members of Congress taking a stand for climate action. 

Evergreen Action Campaigns Director Lena Moffitt released the following statement on Warren’s announcement: 

“Momentum continues to build for the ‘No Climate, No Deal’ movement. After Senator Warren’s statement today, 10 Senate Democrats have taken a clear stand against any infrastructure deal that cuts out bold climate action. Democrats shouldn’t be fooled by assurances that a climate bill will come later—we’ve heard that before. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan offers us the opportunity to address climate change, racial justice, and equitable economic opportunity while modernizing our infrastructure and creating millions of good jobs. Senator Warren is spot on, we need one deal on infrastructure—with climate and clean energy investments at its core.”

The ‘No Climate, No Deal’ movement is growing. As bad-faith bipartisan negotiations threaten to put our futures in the backseat, more and more Senators are rising up to oppose any infrastructure bills that exclude robust investments in clean energy, environmental justice, and climate solutions. In the last week alone, ten Senators and more than a dozen members of the House have drawn a red line in the ongoing infrastructure negotiations: No Climate, No Deal.

Evergreen Action and Sunrise Movement are tracking Democratic Members of Congress as they join the chorus of voices standing up for climate action at NoClimateNoDeal.com.

Here’s the latest count of U.S. Senators taking a stand:

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