No Time To Waste—Senate Must Pass Build Back Better By Christmas

In response to the Dear Colleague letter sent today by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that reiterated the Senate’s commitment to pass the Build Back Better Act before Christmas, Evergreen Action Co-Director Sam Ricketts released the following statement: 

“At the end of their first year in power, Democrats must be able to show the American people that they can deliver on the bold agenda they were elected to enact. Senator Schumer is absolutely right: Senate Democrats must act quickly to pass the Build Back Better Act before Christmas.

“After months of deliberations and debate, the Build Back Better Act is poised to make a transformative down payment on America’s clean energy future with smart investments that will create millions of new jobs, advance environmental justice, drive down energy bills, and reduce climate pollution. But only if the Senate gets its act together. The House has passed the bill and President Biden is ready to sign it—all eyes are on the Senate Democratic Caucus, and they don’t have a moment to waste. It’s time to prove that Democrats can deliver President Biden’s bold vision for a better future.”