ONE MONTH TO GLASGOW: Evergreen Action Announces New Digital Ad Highlighting Biden’s Climate Legacy

With Just One Month to COP26, Biden Must Secure Passage of Reconciliation With Fully Funded CEPP and Clean Energy Tax Credits—Or Risk Losing International Credibility As A Climate Leader 

As Congress continues negotiations over the Build Back Better Agenda with just one month left until COP26 in Glasgow, Evergreen Action announced a new digital ad highlighting how action on climate change will define President Biden’s legacy.

“One month from today, President Biden will stand before the global community and attempt to reestablish America’s leadership on climate change. He cannot go to Glasgow empty-handed,” said Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad. “Congress must pass the Build Back Better Act that will achieve major carbon pollution reductions from a fully-funded Clean Electricity Performance Program and clean energy tax credits. These two programs alone make up roughly two thirds of the carbon pollution reductions in the bill.”

“President Biden’s legacy will be defined by his action on climate. After four years of the Trump administration ceding American credibility on the global stage, President Biden has committed to making America a world leader again in clean energy job creation and combating climate change. But, without the climate investments in the Build Back Better Act, the President will fail to fulfill his international commitments on climate change,” Raad continued.



President Biden ran, and won, on bold climate action.

He knows the stakes.

Climate will be his legacy.

Reconciliation is his chance to deliver,

And be the climate president we need him to be.

recent poll from Data For Progress found that voters across the country support the Clean Electricity Performance Program (CEPP) by a 42-point margin, and that 69% of Independents and 43% of Republicans are in favor of the program. 

An independent analysis from the economics consulting firm Analysis Group, found that a robust CEPP that invests in the transition to 80% clean electricity by 2030 would deliver major benefits to the economy over the next decade, including: 

  • Expanding the workforce by roughly 7.7 million jobs. 

  • Injecting over $907 billion dollars into the U.S. economy.

  • Raising $154 billion in tax revenue for federal, state, and local governments. 

  • Driving economic development through the construction of over 600 GW of new solar, wind and other clean energy projects.