President Biden Moves Forward to Address Transportation Pollution With Final Trucks Rule

In response to EPA finalizing its Phase 3 rule for heavy-duty vehicles, Evergreen Action Vice President Craig Segall released the following statement:

“EPA’s final heavy-duty trucks rule will deliver major pollution reductions where they are needed most. It is a major step towards decarbonizing the full freight system with more work to come. Electrifying America’s trucking fleet will cut emissions from one of the most carbon polluting parts of the most polluting sector of our economy and deliver meaningful public health benefits—particularly in communities that have long called for action to address the unfair dangers they face from dirty trucks. We know there’s more to do—including electrifying existing fleets, not just new vehicles, and completing the path to zero these standards begin—but this is a key piece of the puzzle and this is a good day. 

“EPA should now move forward to approve enforcement of the even more rigorous programs developed by the California Air Resources Board and adopted by states across the country to further drive reductions—and create opportunities for even more ambition in future federal standards. Federally, we especially need to see full support for electrification for all parts of the freight system, from warehouses to ports, from planes to ships—and will be looking for further work on trucking to complete the work that this rule begins. 

“The path is open for these historic actions because President Biden has taken a strategic all-of-government approach, pairing today’s announcement with the new National Zero Emission Freight Corridor strategy announced earlier this month. By targeting historic federal investments to build charging infrastructure in key high traffic zones, we can ensure the trucking industry is prepared to meet ambitious standards as they transition the fleet.”