President Biden Must Launch Ambitious Agenda for Executive Action Tomorrow

In anticipation of President Biden’s trip to Massachusetts to tout his plans for clean energy and climate action, Evergreen Action Co-founder and Senior Advisor Sam Ricketts released the following statement:

“Tomorrow, President Biden must send a clear message to the American people and the international community that this government will not sit idly by when Congress fails to act. The Biden administration has the tools at their disposal to take bold climate action now and we need to see a detailed plan of how they’re going to use them. The president must lay out an aggressive executive action agenda to supercharge America’s transition to 100% clean energy, and put an end to the era of fossil fuel extraction on our public lands. The administration must be prepared to go big on climate and follow through. It’s time for President Biden to take the gloves off. We are facing the existential threat of our era, and the clock is ticking: we can’t afford to pull any punches.”

Earlier today, Evergreen released Five Immediate Steps President Biden Can Take on Climate without Congress, detailing the path forward for President Biden to use unprecedented executive action to advance environmental justice and fight the climate crisis with or without Congressional support.