Republicans Have Shown They’re Not Serious about Passing the Infrastructure Package We Need

After Senate Republicans once again failed to provide a “significantly changed offer” in another round of infrastructure negotiations, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement: 

“Any infrastructure offer without major investments in clean energy and environmental justice is a non-starter. Yet again, Republicans have offered the same plan that would thwart the clean energy recovery that we need. The American people don't have time for games or bad-faith negotiation. The Biden Administration must move quickly with the full American Jobs Plan that invests in climate, jobs, and justice—together. 

“The American Jobs Plan would deliver a bold vision for reinvestment in America, creating good jobs putting people to work confronting the compounding crises of climate change, environmental racism, and the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Senator Capito’s proposal would increase pollution and stall our economic recovery, while tying our hands in the urgent fight against the climate crisis. The GOP infrastructure framework is not just sparse on details and pay-fors, but totally excludes clean energy and environmental justice investments. With its offer, the GOP has made it clear that they’re not serious about investing in a meaningful economic recovery for American communities. 

“We need the full American Jobs Plan to meet our environmental justice commitments, to achieve 100% clean energy, and to invest in good union jobs at a scale that meets this historic moment. We don’t have time to waste. Eighty-one million American voters elected Joe Biden to deliver bold climate action and he has a mandate to act."