TODAY: Biden Must Urge a Clean Debt Ceiling Bill in “Big Four Meeting”

Ahead of President Biden’s meeting today with Congress’s “Big Four” regarding The GOP’s “Default on America” debt ceiling bill, Evergreen Action Co-Founder and Senior Advisor Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“President Biden’s message to Congressional leadership today should be simple: It’s time to pass a clean debt ceiling bill. The GOP’s ‘Default on America’ plan is a reckless attempt to undermine President Biden’s climate record and score political points with their Big Oil campaign donors by dangling the economy over the edge of a fiscal cliff. The IRA’s investments are already delivering huge economic benefits across the country—particularly in the very districts of the Republicans now trying to repeal them. President Biden and Leader Schumer must stand up to Republican attacks on our clean energy future.

"President Biden must continue to draw a clear line in the sand: Republican threats to tank the economy won’t help them advance their fossil fuel agenda. And Democrats in Congress must continue to protect these historic investments in America’s just and thriving clean energy future.”