With Build Back Better Act Framework, President Biden Could Deliver The Most Significant Climate Investment In U.S. History

House Progressives Should Hold the Line and Refuse to Support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Until Both Bills Can Advance Together

Following the announcement of the framework for the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) by the White House, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement:

“If passed, the Build Back Better framework would be the largest climate investment in American history. This package truly can be transformative in confronting the climate crisis, advancing environmental justice, and creating millions of good jobs building our clean energy future.

“While the announcement of this framework is welcome news, House progressives must hold the line and refuse to support the bipartisan infrastructure bill until both bills are ready to move toward the president’s desk. 

“Next week, President Biden will travel to Glasgow to lead global action in the fight against climate change. Armed with this framework and a path to Congressional passage, America could credibly say it's back in a position of global leadership after four years of climate denial under Trump. This framework contains transformative investments for which Evergreen has fought since its inception, from a robust package of clean energy tax credits and environmental justice investments, to the creation of a Clean Energy Accelerator and a Civilian Climate Corps. Congress must pass the Build Back Better Act without delay.

“This historic framework could represent incredible progress in our fight for a livable future. At the same time, the Biden Administration must pursue more aggressive executive action with strong standards that will drive down emissions in the most polluting sectors of the economy, in order to meet its climate commitments. We need more robust executive action to deliver President Biden’s international climate commitments to 50% reduction in greenhouse gas pollution and 80% clean electricity by 2030. This framework represents the potential for historic progress on climate change, and the work continues.”  

Since its founding at the start of 2020, by the team behind Governor Jay Inslee’s climate-focused presidential campaign, Evergreen Action has been fighting for bold legislation that employs standards, investments and justice to take on the climate crisis and build a just and thriving clean energy economy. Throughout 2021, Evergreen has fought to include key climate investments in the Build Back Better Act.