With House Returning From Recess, Democrats Must Advance Bold Climate Action in Reconciliation

Ahead of the House returning from recess on Monday, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement: 

“Democrats are on the cusp of delivering a bold climate agenda in reconciliation that will give the American people the resources they need to truly build back better. With the House back in session on Monday, members should waste no time before advancing the budget resolution.

“The nine Democrats threatening to derail the budget resolution cannot call themselves Biden Democrats while blocking President Biden’s agenda. The American people gave Joe Biden and Congress a clear mandate to act on a bold climate agenda. These nine Democratic members are threatening to stand in the way of Joe Biden’s climate plan, while their own constituents are losing their lives, jobs and homes to climate disasters. Whether it's the rapidly warming Gulf of Maine in Rep. Jared Golden’s district or flooding and severe storms in Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s district, Americans need their representatives to take action to protect them from the devastation of the climate crisis. We look forward to Democrats coming together to vote in favor of these urgent and historic investments in climate, jobs, and justice.”